Our Philosophy

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Strength. Sweat. Results.

At Forma Fitness, we believe that a combination of strength and sweat is the most effective method of training. Our program has been carefully and methodically designed to maximize overall results. What sets Forma apart in the fitness industry is our unique integration of full body movements without ever repeating the same workout twice.


We also strongly believe in community support. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive environment that encourages individual success. Group motivation and instructor support is a key component to help you get results that are often hard to obtain on your own.


  • Hydrate & celebrate
  • High fives & good vibes
  • Workout complete!
  • Trainer-led
  • Personal trainers will
    motivate and encourage
  • Goal: calorie burn & endurance
  • Water and prepare for the heart pump
  • Explanation / demo of
    HIIT workout
  • Questions
0-5 min
5-30 min
30-35 min
35-55 min
60 min
  • Meet and greet
  • Explanation / demo of strength workout
  • Questions
  • Individual-led training session
  • Personal trainers will ensure correct form
  • Goal: increase strength


Small Class Sizes

With a maximum of 12 people per class, we can ensure individual support is provided.

Encouraging Environment

Never feel intimidated walking into the gym again. We are a collaborative and close-knit community.

Results-Oriented Workout

Our workouts are tailored to help you accomplish your goals. We challenge you to push your limits so that you feel your best.

Flexible Schedule

Whether you work in a corporate environment, shift work or are a stay at home mom we have a class time that will work for your busy schedule.

Competitive Pricing

Our membership pricing allows unlimited access to every class. With this, you get the benefit of personal training at a fraction of the cost.

Creative & Innovative Workout

We create workouts daily that are fun and challenging to help you avoid boredom and fitness plateaus.

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