Our Team

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The Support You Need to Reach Your Goals

Forma Fitness embodies strength, community support and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Our team of trainers believe that fitness is more than just a workout. Tara and Sandra are the core of what makes Forma Fitness unique.

They are educated trainers, dedicated to helping you reach your goals.   


Owner & Head Trainer

I’ve experienced many different fitness environments, but I never felt that one of them had the “total package” – a results-oriented program, great trainers, a supportive community and a fun atmosphere. I created Forma because I wanted to build a community of people with a common goal: being the healthiest and best version of themselves.


My vision of what fitness looks like is probably different than the mainstream. To me, someone who is fit is someone who is physically strong, has good range of motion (mobility) and is able to do physical tasks in their daily life without pain or limitation. My job as a trainer is to push and motivated you to achieve results beyond what you thought possible!


Athletic Therapist & Trainer

My goal at Forma Fitness is to have you walk out the door every day feeling better and stronger than when you came in. As an athletic therapist, I want to teach you how your body can move optimally. As a trainer, I want to motivate you to push yourself so that you reach your physical goals. Finally, as a coach, I want to get you out of your comfort zone so that you understand how powerful you really are.



I’ve had my share of personal experience in both team athletics and individual sports. Having an individual goal – strength, weight loss, or a specific performance outcome – is extremely important for personal motivation but having a team to push you and keep you accountable is also critical to your achievements. That’s why I love Forma’s philosophy of “Individual Attention. Group Motivation.” I’m here to help you challenge your limits and accomplish the kind of wellness that is right for you!


Small Class Sizes

With a maximum of 12 people per class, we can ensure individual support is provided.

Encouraging Environment

Never feel intimidated walking into the gym again. We are a collaborative and close-knit community.

Results-Oriented Workout

Our workouts are tailored to help you accomplish your goals. We challenge you to push your limits so that you feel your best.

Flexible Schedule

Whether you work in a corporate environment, shift work or are a stay at home mom we have a class time that will work for your busy schedule.

Competitive Pricing

Our membership pricing allows unlimited access to every class. With this, you get the benefit of personal training at a fraction of the cost.

Creative & Innovative Workout

We create workouts daily that are fun and challenging to help you avoid boredom and fitness plateaus.

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