Owner & Head Trainer

I’ve experienced many different fitness environments, but I never felt that one of them had the “total package” - a strong program, great trainers, a tight-knit community, fun atmosphere, friendly clientele…they always seemed to lack in one aspect or another. I created Forma because I wanted to build a community of people with a common goal: being the healthiest, best version of themselves in a way that wasn’t necessarily tied to weight loss or competitive fitness goals.

When you come through the doors at Forma, you’ll find that I’m really social and fun…but I’m not always going to be your best friend either. The thing is, every day is a new day and every session is going to be different. It’s my job to read your situation and react in a way that’s going to be most effective and get you results. First and foremost, my coaching is always coming from a place of knowledge – I’m never going to just tell you what to do, but will tell you why you would want to do it, and how you should do it for maximum effect.

My vision of what fitness looks like is probably different than the mainstream. To me, someone who is fit is someone who is physically strong, has good range of motion (mobility), and is able to do physical tasks in their daily life without pain or limitation. Healthy doesn’t have to look like wearing a size 2, having washboard abs, or running a marathon; being healthy is having the energy you need to do the things that you want to do, the things that make life fun!

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Athletic Therapist & Trainer

My goal at Forma is to have you walk out the door every day feeling better, smarter, and stronger than when you came in. As an athletic therapist, I want to teach you how your body can move its best. As a trainer, I want to motivate you to work intensely so that you reach your physical goals. And as a coach, I want to push you out of your comfort zone so that you understand how powerful you really are.

I’ve had my share of personal experience in both team athletics and individual sports. Having an individual goal - strength, weight loss, or a specific performance outcome - is extremely important for personal motivation, but having a team to push you and keep your mind focused and accountable is also critical to your achievements. That’s why I love Forma’s philosophy of “Individual Attention. Group Motivation.” I’m here to help you challenge your limits and accomplish the kind of wellness that is right for you!



Studio Manager

My greatest wish for our clients is that we can help them re-discover - or, find for the very first time - their inner athlete. The first time that word was used to describe me, I felt so empowered, so strong. I was proud of myself: for showing up, for working hard, and investing in my health. And I know that anyone who completes a Forma workout will feel that way too.

I can't tell you how many times we get asked "but what's the BEST kind of workout?" Listen: personally, I've been through so many fitness environments and trends trying to find something effective for myself - yoga, spin, running, Zumba, you name it... And you know what I learned from all that? The "best" workout is any one that's SUSTAINABLE. That means it's kind to your joints, but muscle-building. Fun, but challenging. Rewarding, but leaves you wanting to push for more next time.

The "best" workout is one that you're going to be motivated to keep coming back to, week after week. And that's what we've really tried to build at Forma; a program and an environment that is going to make you feel like you're pushing hard, being successful, and getting results, and most of all enjoying your time with us.