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I have had the opportunity to train at Forma Fitness since it opened! The encouragement and environment is unbeatable. Both Tara and Sandra are able to tailor exercises to your needs. These girls have helped with my strength and endurance to ensure I can continue to compete as an amateur show jumper throughout the year. Not to mentioned ensured both my husband and I looked fantastic for our wedding photos!
Lauren W.
I have lost over 30 lbs attending 3 workout sessions a week. Right from my first class, I felt like I was part of something where I wasn't being judged but encouraged. The trainers always coach me to ensure I am lifting and moving my body correctly. I want to thank you for changing my life! I would highly recommend FORMA FITNESS to anyone!
Tulio C.
I cannot say enough good things about the team at Forma Fitness. Prior to getting pregnant, I was in what I consider the best shape of my life. The workouts challenged me physically, the positive upbeat environment and skilled trainers helped make a pregnancy possible. Now I bring my little guy to my workouts at the Mom and Baby classes. Before, during and after pregnancy Forma has been a staple for me and I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to get stronger physically, mentally or emotionally to come join the strong, skilled and supportive Forma community
Jen I.
Forma Fitness...You changed my life! I have lost 27 pounds and gained so much strength and confidence. You won't get bored here, or dread having to workout. The workout is different every single time, and you always get personal attention to ensure you are doing everything correctly. I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve my personal goals.
Sue G.
I have been at Forma for about 7 months and have seen amazing results towards my goal of losing weight for my upcoming wedding (I am at 45 lbs lost!). I know that I couldn't achieve these results on my own. Forma has kept me motivated and always coming back for the next new challenge. My favorite thing about Forma is knowing that I'm in good hands and that they are proven experts in training. They always ensure that my technique is correct and know when I can push myself a little harder without injury. I plan to keep coming back and would recommend Tara & Sandra to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness!
Megan W.
Just over a year ago I joined Forma Fitness, I was almost 50 yrs old, overweight, had high blood pressure, was a type 2 diabetic and had bad arthritic knees. Today, I’m down 59 lbs, no longer on blood pressure medication and said goodbye to diabetes. I have gone from a pant size 38 to 31! I could not have done it without Tara and Sandra. Forma Fitness keeps me motivated and healthy.
Brian D.